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Electro-Gen 2000™ (110V)
Powerful thermal fogging device for water-based fogging agents.

The Electro-Gen 2000 was designed with safety and performance in mind. Use the Electro-Gen 2000 with ODORx Thermo-2000 formulations, which are water-based and offer a safer alternative to petroleum-based products.

The Electro-Gen 2000 is equipped with a thermostat controlled temperature sensor, which reduces the risk of operator error and “droplet fallout.” The Electro-Gen 2000 delivers over 7,000 cubic feet of fog per minute. A dual action control provides both manual and automatic operation.

For complete instructions and safety data for this product, refer to the User Guide, available under the Documents tab. **Not to be used with disinfectants. 


Product Name
Power 120V / 60 Hertz
Heater 1000 watts
Fuse rating 10 amperes
Formulation tank capacity 2.5 l
Warm-up period Approx. 7 minutes
Weight 18 lbs. | 8 kg
Dimensions (H × W × D) 9.5 × 8.5 × 17 in.
31 × 21 × 43 cm
Sold by the unit 1 unit per box
Reorder no. 102307000