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DrizAir 1200 (115V)
Workhorse refrigerant dehumidifier

A time-tested and proven favourite for water damage restoration, construction and facilities professionals. Compact , highly portable and with built-in automatic condensate pump, the DrizAir 1200 dehumidifier is a robust and durable workhorse dehumidifier, great for managing everyday leaks, spills and floods in both residential and industrial applications.
Item #F203-A
Typical Applications:
Flood restoration
New build stuctural drying
Renovation drying
Controlling humidity in gyms & server rooms, etc.

For best results - combine with Dri-Eaz airmovers to help promote evaporation - the key to successful drying.

Product Overview:
The DrizAir 1200 dehumidifier combines proven design with professional performance and portability. The rotomoulded polyethylene housing is dent resistant, offers superior durability. User-friendly electronic control panel incorporates two hour counters, manual pump purge and diagnostic aids. Regular, automatic, condensate pumpout allows unattended use and includes safety cut-out if the water outlet is inadvertently blocked. A rigid handle, large semi-pneumatic wheels and built-in vehicle loading skids ensure easy transport and manoeuvrability. Stackable up to two units high for improved storage.

Features & Benefits

  • Removes up to 15 gallons a day
  • Super convenient size
  • Hot-gas bypass for fast defrost
  • Rugged rotomolded housing – stackable!
  • Electronic touch-pad controls
  • Rigid handle – designed for rugged service
  • Semi-pneumatic wheels for easy transport
  • Built-in duct attachment ring


DrizAir 1200 (115V)
Model  F203-A
Type  Standard Refrigerant
Dimensions H × W × D  32 × 20 × 19.5 in.
83 × 50 × 50 cm
Use Weight  80 lbs | 36 kg
Water Removal Max (90°F/90% RH) 132.3 pints/day
62.6 L/day
Water Removal AHAM (80°F/60%RH)  64 pints/day
30 L/day
Operating Range  33°–100°F
Compressor Type  6670 BTU Rotary
Defrost Type  Hot-gas bypass
Process Air 227 CFM
Controls  Electronic Touchpad
Water Pump-Out  Centrifugal
Drain Hose Length  40 ft
Air Filter  HAF (High Airflow Filters)
Wheels  Semi-pneumatic
Handle  Rigid
Stackable  Stack 2 units for storage
Housing  Rotomolded polyethylene
Power 115V  6.4 amps
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