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Ace TurboDryer (230V)
Ultimate flexibility for drying and ventilation

Multi-positional and multi-use, the Ace TurboDryer offers versatility and effective airflow for wide range of drying and ventilation applications. Drawing only 1.9 amps, the Ace allows you to utilise multiple airmovers on a single circuit to maximise airflow.

Typical Applications:
Flood Restoration
New Construction Drying
Carpet & Floor Drying

Dry & Ventilate:
Airmovers help promote evaporation - the key to successful drying. Whilst airmovers alone may be enough to dry floors after cleaning, add dehumidifiers and even adjust temperature to promote faster drying when handling larger mishaps such as flooding from burst pipes. Choose a specialised, more versatile airmover such as the Vortex or Ace to pull musty air out or propel fresh air into construction or renovation areas, basements or other confined spaces.

Product Overview:
The Ace TurboDryer's 2-speed, 6-user position design combines great airflow with flexibility of use to dry and ventilate fast. The durable, easy-to-clean rotomoulded housing is guaranteed against failure. Compact design that's stackable for operation and storage. Use the Ace TurboDryer to direct high volume air movement onto walls, floors, sub-floors, ceiling, etc. for effective drying or as a ventilator to pull musty air out / propel fresh air into construction or renovation areas, basements or other confined spaces. 

Features & Benefits

  • 2 speed - 6 position - 2823 M³ / Hr rated airflow
  • Versatile for handling drying or ventilation applications
  • Only 1 Amp current draw - low running costs
  • Compact design - stackable for operation and storage
  • Thermal overload safety protection


Product Name
Model  F259-230V
Supply Voltage 230 V
Speeds Two
Operating Positions 6
Max Rated Airflow 3398 M³ / Hour
Max Actual Airflow 2823 M³ / Hour
Static Pressure (H²O) 2.5 cm
Motor Rating 0.18 KW
Amp Draw 1.0 A
Power Consumption 0.23 KW / Hour
Dimensions H × W × D  61 × 51.5 × 48.3 cm
Use Weight  15 KG
Average Noise Level 62 db
Controls  3 way switch
Housing Rotomoulded polyethylene
Stackable  Yes
Microban® Impregnated Yes
Cable Wrap / Storage Yes
Carpet Clamp n/a
Kickstand n/a
Power Cord Length 7.6 M
Plug Type 3 Pin BS1363
Safety Cutout Thermal
Safety Mark CE
Housing Warranty Lifetime (Does not cover freight or shipping costs)
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