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Vortex Axial Fan (115V)
Powerful, efficient ventilation

Powerful, high pressure ventilator ideal for improving indoor air quality by propelling fresh air in / out of confined spaces, extracting fumes or providing fast air movement across large open areas to aid restorative drying.
Item #F174-BLU
Typical Applications:
Flood Restoration
Fume and Dust Extraction

Dry & Ventilate:
Airmovers help promote evaporation - the key to successful drying. Whilst airmovers alone may be enough to dry floors after cleaning, add dehumidifiers and even adjust temperature to promote faster drying when handling larger mishaps such as flooding from burst pipes. Choose a specialised, more versatile airmover such as the Vortex or Ace to pull musty air out or propel fresh air into construction or renovation areas, basements or other confined spaces.

Product Overview:
Whether you need to ventilate or create negative pressure the Votex Axial Van offers superior robustness and flexibility.  With its powerful 1.0 HP motor, set up the Vortex Axial Van for operation by itself or with up to 28 meters of ducting – ideal for ventilation plus a range of drying applications including gyms, concrete floors and hallways.  A built-in handle and simple 1-speed switch make operation easy. The durable, easy-to-clean rotomoulded housing is guaranteed against failure for life.

Features & Benefits

  • Powerful 1.0 hp motor
  • Built-in handle
  • Stackable for storage!
  • Operate standalone or with Sto&Go ducting


Vortex Axial Fan (115V)
Model  F174-BLU
Dimensions (H × W × D) 19.2 × 18.7 × 15.7 in.
49 × 48 × 40 cm
Weight 35 lbs. | 16 kg
Motor  1.0 hp
Motor Speeds  1-speed
Max Rated CFM  2041
Static Pressure  3.2 in. | 8.1 cm
Power  7.4 amps
Operating Positions  One
Safety UL listed
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