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Side Channel Blower Accessory Kit
Dry walls without damage

Used inconjunction with Side Channel Blower, this complimentary kit forces high-pressure air into wet walls allowing them to be dried with minimal disruption. You only need to make tiny 6.35 mm holes at baseboard level to introduce high pressure airflow. It's perfect for hard-to-reach areas like behind cabinets, tubs, under stairwells, etc.

Product Overview
Side channel interair accessory kit includes;
13 x 2m hoses with cuffs
8 x Manifolds
1 x 120m coil of PVC tubing
100 x 6.35mm injector nozzles
4 x Manifold end caps
5 x Coupler fittings
2 x T-fittings
25 x Tube extender connectors
1 x muffler
2 x Wheeled duffel bags

Recommended For Use With:
Side Channel Blower - Standard