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Stryker Cleaning and Extraction Wand
Unique continuous-flow design cleans better and leaves carpets dryer - in a single pass.

The Stryker Cleaning and Extraction Wand simultaneously provides deep, rapid penetration of solution and thorough extraction. Constructed of high-grade stainless steel teamed with an innovative rotomolded handle and a unique extraction head, the Stryker brings true single-pass cleaning to carpet cleaning.
Item #67-014
The rotomolded handle provides a neutral, balanced grip to help reduce muscle strain and operator fatigue. In the head, an integrated glide provides uniform application – no striping, pooling or missed spots, and it works great on stains or problem soils. The wand fits standard 2 inch vacuum hoses and is compatible with any carpet extraction machine.

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Features & Benefits

  • Stainless steel extraction tube for rugged service and long life
  • Rotomolded head resists dents and scratches and doesn’t readily gouge molding or furniture
  • Purge valve for easy cleaning 
  • Classic S-shape makes reaching under objects or furniture easy
  • Rotomolded 14" head with full-width high pressure injector and two-way extraction glide provides maximum coverage and extraction 
  • Forged brass valve, centrally positioned for right- or left-handed operation
  • Glide assembly is easy to replace when worn


Stryker Wand
Model Stryker Extraction and Cleaning Wand
Construction Handle and extraction head: rotomolded polyethylene
Tube and solution line: stainless steel
Control valve and fittings: brass
Tube diameter Fits standard 2-inch vacuum hose.