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4-PRO Four-Stage Air Filter
Unique four-way protection

Designed specifically for professional restoration, remediation and construction environments, 4-PRO filters feature 1) an expanded cellulose mesh to capture large particles, 2) an electrostatically charged polypropylene layer that attracts and retains smaller particles, 3) activated carbon adsorbs odors and fumes, and 4) antimicrobial-treated filter media. Keep your Dri-Eaz dehumidifiers operating at maximum efficiency with 4-PRO filters!
Item #F579
(Pack of 24)

4-PRO replacement filters are available for the DrizAir 1200 and LGR 7000XLi (part no. F581, 24-pack) and the BD2500 LGR (part no. F582, 24-pack).

IMPORTANT: 4-PRO filters come double-wrapped to keep them fresh and ready for each use. Remove the wrapper before installing! Filters are not reusable. Replace whenever filter is visibly dirty or heavily loaded with particles. Do not operate dehumidifiers while drywall sanding, generating sawdust or in any areas with excessive particulate loads. Include official filter change instruction sheet (created from official language below) as a document? 

Features & Benefits

  • Expanded cellulose mesh captures large particles.
  • Electrostatically charged polypropylene attracts and retains smaller particles.
  • Activated carbon adsorbs odors and fumes.
  • Antimicrobial-treated filter media helps prevent microbial growth on filter surfaces. 
  • Sturdy aluminum frame resists collapse and maintains proper filtration.


4-PRO Four-Stage Air Filter
Construction Sturdy aluminum frame resists collapse to maintain proper filtration.
Materials Electrostatically charged polypropylene, activated carbon, and expanded cellulose mesh. Antimicrobial-treated filter media.
Disposable Filters are not reusable. Replace whenever filter appears dirty or heavily loaded with particles.
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